Tort & Civil Litigation

Tort Litigation

Whether it is a fender-bender or a slip and fall, the legal consequences of an accident can be complicated and costly. You must not only consider repair costs, medical bills, legal fees and insurance entanglements, but you also have to consider liens and future damages. To minimize your exposure or maximize your recovery, we are focused on getting your legal disputes resolved in an effective and efficient manner.

From individual claims to multi-national insurance companies, our tort litigation experience is diverse. We will work with experts, law enforcement officers, medical providers, accident reconstruction experts, rehabilitation planners, and other specialists to present or defend against your claim. We have successfully initiated and defended our clients against claims involving:

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Civil Litigation

With the dramatic increase in litigation over the past few decades, we recognize that every individual, business, and insurer stands in significant danger of facing a lawsuit. Every client and case presents unique and distinct challenges. From past experience and success, we recognize this reality. The attorneys at Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff will prepare a customized strategy to aggressively and efficiently protect and defend your interests. Regardless of the nature of the litigation, our attorneys are qualified to represent you in either prosecuting or defending such claims. We also have a successful appellate practice in state and federal appellate courts.

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Each file is different but one thing is certain - they do not get better with age. Our attorneys can provide you with the assistance you need in bringing a matter toward resolution. Whether it's preparing a WC-3, obtaining a necessary medical opinion, preparing you for a return to work, or negotiating on your behalf, we have experience you can depend on and knowledge you deserve.
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