Educational Seminars

Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff provides educational seminars across the State of Georgia and in other states for claims offices which handle Georgia cases. These seminars are tailored to focus on the needs of insurance adjusters, TPA's, HR professionals, risk managers, front line supervisors and other employer representatives.

Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff has provided seminars which included guest speakers from the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation. These guest speakers have included: two prior Chair's of the Board, the Chief Judge, the Division Director of the Enforcement Division (fka the Fraud Unit) and the Division Director of the Settlement Unit. Seminars are provided at no cost to participants and include a question and answer session which is the most popular part of the seminars. Participants are encouraged to share issues and pose specific factual scenarios for discussion and analysis.

The seminars provide opportunities for participants to catch up on current trends. Certainly, the seminars focus on accident prevention and mitigating claim exposure. We also cover successful hiring practices, with a focus on building and maintaining a solid hiring program.

Additional topics of accident prevention and post-accident reporting/investigation also allow participants to learn from specific past examples of how loss prevention programs provided significant savings. Additionally, tips regarding aggressive medical monitoring and return-to-work programs are discussed in detail. We can educate exactly how to change a problematic lost-time claim into a return-to-work success story. In support of these comprehensive topics, complete documentation and sample forms for integration into participants' safety and loss-prevention programs are provided.

Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff also conducts numerous, on-site legal seminars and training seminars on specific topics requested by the firm's clients. For more information or to schedule an on-site seminar, please contact us.

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Each file is different but one thing is certain - they do not get better with age. Our attorneys can provide you with the assistance you need in bringing a matter toward resolution. Whether it's preparing a WC-3, obtaining a necessary medical opinion, preparing you for a return to work, or negotiating on your behalf, we have experience you can depend on and knowledge you deserve.
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