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Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff provides general liability and workers' compensation legal defense throughout Georgia for insurers, TPA's and employers. Through constant communication with its clients, the firm strives to provide the best legal advice and court room defense representation available.

Workers' Compensation
Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff has over 95 years of experience before the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation. The firm's practice covers the entire State, from Rome to Augusta and Bainbridge to St. Mary's. From a First Report of Injury through all levels of litigation and appeals, our firm has the knowledge and experience you need.
Risk Management
While we are dedicated to aggressive claims handling following any accident, our ultimate goal is to assist clients as they establish or upgrade to a comprehensive Risk Management program. Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff provides Risk Management training at no charge to clients in order to create a comprehensive workers' compensation program with the safety of the employee as the top priority.
Educational Seminars
Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff provides educational seminars across the State of Georgia and in other states for claims offices which handle Georgia cases. These seminars are tailored to focus on the needs of insurance adjusters, TPA's, HR professionals, risk managers, front line supervisors and other employer representatives.
General Liability Defense
Every individual faces the potential of being involved in a lawsuit. The attorneys at Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff will assist you in creating an aggressive legal strategy and executing that plan. Whether your case involves filing suit or defending against one, we will actively work to protect your interests and assets.
Insurance Defense
Our firm has litigated insurance claims through Georgia and Louisiana. Our experience throughout these different jurisdictions brings a unique perspective to these claims and allows us to provide individualized representation to both the insured and carrier throughout the litigation processes.
Tort & Civil Litigation
Accidents happen. If you drive a car, operate a business, or own a home, you are susceptible to tort litigation. Our experience and common sense approach sets us apart from typical firms. From complex disputes with multiple parties to simple contract issues, the attorneys at Ross, Handelman, Nestale & Goff will work for you to help achieve your objectives.
Controvert? IME? Return to Work?
Board Mediation?
Each file is different but one thing is certain - they do not get better with age. Our attorneys can provide you with the assistance you need in bringing a matter toward resolution. Whether it's preparing a WC-3, obtaining a necessary medical opinion, preparing you for a return to work, or negotiating on your behalf, we have experience you can depend on and knowledge you deserve.
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